Ad Effectiveness Research

ADvance is E-Poll's groundbreaking advertising effectiveness measurement system that provides critical intelligence for brand and marketing decision makers.

  • E-Poll has combined best practices from 20 years of research and created a turnkey, affordable and time sensitive solution for ad effectiveness research.
  • We understand that you demand customization and may not want a one size fits all product. ADvance is the critical lynchpin in brand strategies and planning for diverse advertising clients.
  • ADvance is used to evaluate advertising effectiveness in more than 35 brand categories, as well as across multiple platforms (linear TV, VOD, online, mobile devices and social media).

ADvance is built upon four cornerstones of ad testing:

  • Recognition: brand awareness, familiarity, advertising recall, experience history.
  • Vitality: brand imagery, perception, opinion, favorability, attributes, and KPI (Key Performance Indicators).
  • Persuasion: Gauges the level of persuasion, brand consideration, intent to purchase, advocacy, and call-to-action response.
  • Execution: What worked, what didn't, and how to improve current or future executions across multiple platforms.

How can you use ADvance?

  • Brand Managers gain deep understanding of consumer usage and experience with their brand. Inform brand positioning and expansion potential.
  • Ad Sales Executives identify clients who could benefit from a similar advertising execution or strategy.
  • TV Content Programmers determine advertising that is most effective for your audience and to help identify other programs or environments.
  • Marketers fortify your distribution platform's relationship with your clients, enhancing future business opportunities.

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