Streaming Media: An Insider's Perspective

The streaming video business is experiencing a tremendous wave of growth, compared by some to the explosion of new cable networks in the late 80's and 90's.

We expect that linear platforms will continue to decline as the first choice for TV viewing, with certain streaming services already surpassing traditional broadcast for the first time. With more than 300 streaming services to choose from, how do you develop or compete with the new offerings and break through the clutter? As a content producer, distributor, ad agency or brand, where should you place your bets to come out ahead?

E-Poll has been tracking the streaming industry since 2013, focusing on the way audiences interact with linear versus streamed programming.

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Some of our areas of streaming expertise:

  • Streaming Media Attitude and Usage Study

  • E-Score Programs - tracking more than 4,000 programs, including hundreds of online-only series.

  • E-Score Brand - tracking and comparison of hundreds of streaming media services, as well as broadcast and cable networks.

  • E-Score Celebrity - The definitive source of celebrity ratings. Identifies talent that breaks through the clutter and gains viewer attention.

  • ADvance - advertising, sponsorship and integration testing.

  • DynaTrack Premiere - pre-launch program testing

  • Custom Research - dozens of custom research projects covering the streaming market from concept to customer satisfaction.